Snooker Rules

Snooker can either be a two player, doubles or a team player game. Players use the white ball to strike the other balls into the pockets. Each time a ball is ‘potted‘ there is a specific score. The player or team scoring the highest points wins.

Each game called a match is made up of an odd number of sections called frames. Each frame commences with the balls being set up in a triangle which comprises of only red balls and the pink sit at the triangle’s apex though it shouldn't touch it. The other colored balls are arranged around the table in clearly designated places. The frame ends when all the balls have been a potter or if a player surrenders as he/ she is unable to catch up the points score. The match as a whole ends when a player has won most of the specified framesets.

Gameplay begins with the ‘break-off shot’, a player uses the white ball to hit and spread the red balls across the table. After this, the players take turns and shoot the cue ball at the other balls on the table into the pockets.

A player loses turn when he commits a foul and the next player then steps up. Each time there is a particular ball that needs to be hit, this is named as being ‘on’. The other balls are, therefore ‘not-on’.


There can be numerous fouls that can be made during the game, listed below are few of the most common fouls:

  • Failure to hit any ball with the white ball
  • Potting the cue ball
  • Hitting any ball that is not the cue ball with the cue
  • Hitting or potting a ball that is ‘not-on’
  • Taking a shot with both feet simultaneously off the floor
  • Potting two balls simultaneously can also be counted as a foul though if red is ‘on’ then multiple red balls can be potted and considered within the rules of play.